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Privacy Policy

The below terms and conditions apply to the use of this Website and by accessing this Website and/or booking on Academy you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions you may not use or access this Website.

If you have any further questions about the Website terms and conditions please contact our Customer Service team by email, or call us on 0330 111 9077 (charged at local rate) during normal working hours.

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As company that offers sports coaching courses for children, offering the highest levels of care and protecting their and personal data is a huge priority. Our Privacy Policy explains in detail the types of personal data we need to collect about you and your child(ren) when you make a booking with us, visit our website or sign-up to our newsletters. As we are processing personal data about you and your child(ren), we will also explain how we do this and keep data safe for your peace of mind.

When you book with Ultimate Sports Academies, Ultimate Sports Academies Limited is the data controller.

When do we collect your data?

  • When you make a booking with us – we will collect relevant information we need to process your booking, care for your child(ren) and keep you informed of your booking details.
  • When you contact us via phone, live chat or email – we will keep emails (whether direct or via our website contact forms and live chat) from you and we may make notes on your booking of telephone conversations you have with us so we can act in your child(ren)s best interests. Phone calls are not recorded.
  • When you sign-up to our newsletter – we will collect basic contact information to keep you informed of our academy locations, dates, programmes and offers.
  • When you complete our optional surveys – we will keep a record of your answers and may follow up with you, but you have the option to answer our surveys anonymously.
  • When you sign your children in and out of academy – we will collect information about your sign in and out times, plus we may also require you to see and sign incident or accident forms.
  • When you visit our website or click on our ads – to deliver the best web experience we can, we collect anonymous data about website usage including pages visited, devices used, browsers, pages visited and search terms you may have used to find our website.
  • When you interact with our social media channels -  you may choose to ‘Like Us’ or ‘Follow Us’ in which case you will share your social media user name with us

What information do we collect and why?

In order for us to fulfil our contractual obligation to provide our services, best care for your children during their time with us on Academy and to keep you informed of your booking(s) with us, we need to collect personal data about the booker (usually the parent/carer) and any children being booked on.


The personal data we need to collect includes, but is not limited to, date of birth, gender, medical information, specific needs (physical and behavioural) and school details. This information is used to ensure that we have all the relevant information to best care for children and make informed decisions in the best interest of the children in the absence of parents/carer.

While your children are on academy and in our care, if there is a reportable accident or incident, we will complete a form detailing the nature of the accident or incident. You will be asked to sign it to confirm you have seen and understood it – you may request a copy of you wish.

Parents, Carer and People Booking

If you book with us, in order for us to register you and your child(ren) and fulfil our contractual obligation to provide our services, we need to collect your personal contact information so we can reach you before, during and after academy should there be any problems with your child(ren) while they are in our care. This will also include information about the value of your booking and how you paid.

When you register with us for the first time you will create an online account on our secure system where you will submit your booking, child(ren)’s and personal details.

We may use your information to respond to queries, changes to your booking, details or handle complaints. We also keep records of communication between you and us so we can better understand and respond to your needs. This is done with your consent and on the basis that we have a legitimate interest to keep you informed.

If you sign up to our newsletters or have given us consent to send you marketing information (done during the booking process) then we will collect your contact details including name and email address. With your consent, we will use your personal data and academy location preferences to keep you informed by email, web, text, telephone and through our customer support team about our programmes (including those of our sister company Varsity International) including dates, special offers, promotions, events, competitions and so on.

You are free to opt-out/unsubscribe from these communications at any time – every marketing email we have ever sent has an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email, by e-mailing us at or call our Customer Support team on 0330 111 9077 (local rate) during our office hours.

Payment Information

To process your booking, we will collect and store information about payments you make to us including the date, amount and method of payment. For your security, we do not store any payment card details within any of our systems as payments/refunds are handled by WorldPay, our third-party payment processor.       

Website visit information

We use cookies to make our website and booking system work more effectively for you, as well as to provide anonymous information about website usage. You can opt to block cookies on your computer - usually, this is done through the settings on your browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and so on).

How long do we keep personal data for?

Child data

As a provider of sports coaching to children, under the Limitations Act 1980 and Childcare Act 2006, we are required to keep records of children under our care until they are 21 years old. As well as the personal information given at the time of booking, this includes keeping records of who the parent/carer (or booker) is, any incident or accident forms that are completed during the time children are with us and any additional notes made during their time in our care.

Financial data

Under HMRC requirements, we must keep financial records for 6 years from the end of the last company financial year they relate to – this includes all money received and from who.

We will not store card details within our system or in paper form when paying over the phone.

Inactive accounts

If you’ve not used your account and made a booking with us for more than five years, it will be flagged as inactive and we’ll contact you to ask whether you want to keep it open. Unless you reply to say ‘yes’, we’ll close the account on our booking system. As stated above, we are required under Limitations Act 1980 and Childcare Act 2006 to keep records of children under our care until they are 21 years old.

How do we protect personal data?

We know that you expect us to protect and secure the personal data you share with us about you and your child(ren), And that is why we take protecting your data very seriously.

We secure access to all booking and transactional areas of our website using ‘https’ technology.

Access to your data on our system is password protected and all our staff are DBS checked to ensure they are vetted to handle child data.

Paperwork containing your and/or your child’s personal data which is shared with our Academy staff is stored in a secure box and within a secure staff room, on a secure school location. Academy staff need this information to properly care for children and make appropriate decisions in their best interests. All Academy staff are DBS checked.

When paperwork is returned to our office we shred the information we are not required to keep. Personal data we are required to keep until the child’s 21st birthday (see above) is archived in our offices in a locked storage area which only company directors have the access to. After the child’s 21st birthday we will erase your and your child’s data that we are required to keep from our systems or records.

We regularly monitor our booking system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks, and we carry out security updates to ensure the latest online threats and risks are mitigated.


When do we share personal data with?

We will never share your child’s personal data with anybody or organisation outside of Ultimate Sports Academies Limited unless legally required for safeguarding reasons to under the Childcare Act 2006.

Apart from our office and Academy staff (see above), the only time we share the parent/carer/bookers personal data (not child(ren)s’ data) is with Mailchimp who provide third-party communications services so we can email you booking confirmation and updates about our programmes. Mailchimp is a highly reputable US-based software service provider and data is transferred outside the EEA - their privacy policy gives more details. We may also contact you about our sister company programmes Ultimate Activity Camps and Varsity International – you can unsubscribe from hearing from these companies at any time.

What are your rights over your personal data?

You have the right to request:

  • Access to the personal data we hold about you and your child(ren).
  • To amend your personal data when incorrect or incomplete.
  • That we stop using your personal data for direct marketing.
  • To be informed as to how we use and process personal data.

To ask for your information please contact The Data Protection Officer, Ultimate Sports Academies Limited, 1 Farmoor Court, Farmoor, Oxford, OX2 9LU or email To ask for your information to be amended you can update your online account or contact our Customer Support team on 0330 111 9077 (local rate).

If we cannot action your request, we may have legitimate grounds not to - we will let you know why in this instance.

You have the right to withdraw consent to send you direct marketing at any time and we will always honour this.


Last updated 11th October 2021